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4 Easy Steps to Jump Start Your Metabolism!

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4 Easy Steps

Written by: Chance Forman

Weight loss is the number one complaint when it comes to peoples health. We all want to keep the weight off and look good in a bathing suit.

For some that’s easier said then done.
What is the best way to burn off the fat? Put your metabolism in overdrive with these 4 easy steps.

1. Stay active
No this doesn’t mean stay more active on Facebook or twitter. I mean to make sure you are firing off muscles in your body everyday.
It’s no secret that physical activity is the quickest way to burn calories. I’m glad we’re on the same page with that.
By burning calories you are making your metabolism work harder there for revving it up for the next 3 steps.
2. Eat more food
Yes, you read that correct. No, I don’t mean to eat more cookies and ice cream.
Rather, eat more fresh produce and lean protein. When you are eating the right things you can just about eat as much as you want.
Portion control is great if your going for the perfect physique, but were talking about giving your metabolism a fresh start.
If you’ve been dieting on these low calorie diets for years then that could be the reason your metabolic rate has slowed down. When you eat less your body tries to adapt, leaving you eating less and going nowhere.
3. Eat more often
Digest the same amount of food just split it into more often smaller portions. This will keep your metabolism constantly working to keep it in overdrive.
When your metabolism is constantly working then you are constantly burning calories.
Crazy how eating can actually burn calories if you just eat the right foods.People will argue that science says or proves differently, but in my research I’ve seen a lot of reputable sources on both sides. I’m here to give you my personal opinion of what has worked for me and my team.
4. Muscle building
I know my women readers will not like this one, but hear me out first.
We don’t all have to lift heavy weights but working all of our muscle groups can really increase your metabolism.
Lean muscle tissue is one of the key factors to increasing your metabolic rate and burning away those unwanted calories.
Working out won’t make you a body builder unless you apply strict dieting and intense weight training routines. So you can work out worry free of becoming to bulky, just a lean, mean, high metabolism, calorie burning machine.

You don’t have to start with all 4 but I would recommend it. If it seems like too much change to start today, try implementing 1 step a week and in a month from now you will be surprised at how much healthier and energetic you feel.
Lets give your metabolism a fresh start and start burning calories today!
 Make sure to stay tuned for more health tips and different work outs. My wife is putting together some post baby work outs for stay at home moms.
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