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How to Overcome Fear

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How To Overcome Fear

Written by: Chance Forman

FEAR is our worst enemy.  It’s the culprit behind every excuse we choose to make not to re-adjust our daily routines.  We’re all victim to FEAR – from the highest paid CEO in the game- to the stay at home parents.  It acts as a wedge slowly driving deeper and deeper until our dreams finally start to fade away simply because they seem so far away.  No one stopped you from achieving your goals.  Life may have lead you down a different path, but every obstacle you faced along the way was an opportunity with a front line of struggle for you to learn from.

As I stated in my last post, there is no better time than NOW to fight for the life you’ve always dreamed of or the life that you know you and your family deserve.  FEAR is the only thing holding you back.  With words and phrases like “I cant,” “I’m not that smart,” or “I
just don’t have the time” fueling our minds, no wonder we’re scared.

The first thing I’m going to ask you to do is go ahead and take phrases like that out of your vocabulary.

Personally, I was so scared to ever get
started on this journey.  I’ve been telling my mom since I was a young boy that I wanted to be a motivational speaker when I find the successful life I’m chasing.

FEAR of not being successful enough and not having any experience in public speaking was holding me back.

After the incident with my daughter’s birth (you can learn more from my social media and website), I knew that it was all for a reason.  I lost many nights’ sleep wondering what the bigger picture was. Why did this happen to me or to my family?  It didn’t take long for me to realize this didn’t happen too us but for us.

Lillian was put here and survived through everything because she has so much to teach the world.  She is obviously too young to be writing a blog or posting videos about her struggle and how she overcomes anything thrown her way, therefore Chance To Inspire was born.  She inspires me to be the best person I can be, to change my daily habits and routines, and make an impact in the world.



Am I scared to put my life story and all the hurt and pain of her birth online?  You bet your ass I am.  I’ve never had social media before this; I’ve always thought that it took away from real human interaction.

As I studied diligently about how I could use our story to motivate others, I quickly learned that it would be impossible to reach the amount of people I want to without it.  FEAR was the only thing holding me back.


After reading Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard, I decided to conquer my FEARS and go for it.  Who cares what the haters will say?  I have a mission.  I refuse to let FEAR of rejection or ridicule stop me from completing my mission.  If Lillian can overcome hydrops, spinal fusion, a tracheostomy, etc., then I can easily overcome FEAR.
My homework for you is to make FEAR your bitch.  Take all those worries of what others will say or that you’re not good enough and stuff them in the trash.  NOW is the time to put FEAR in a chokehold and let your inner HERO come out.  I know you have it in you! After all, I’m doing it and I’m no better than you.  I’m just your average guy stepping up to the podium to inspire others to live a better life.  FEAR is no match to your inner HERO.
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NOW is the start of a movement.

NOW is our chance to INSPIRE someone, anyone, and everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lillian’s story, stay tuned, or you can check out her FB page


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