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3 Simple Habits to Success

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3 Simple Habits

Written by: Chance Forman

Its already almost the second quarter of the year. Wow, where has the time gone?
I know for most of us New Years resolutions have started to slip away and become forgotten about. We were going to lose weight, or get a jump start on our summer beach body, maybe even start reading a book once a week.
We’ve all been there, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to wait till next year, Monday, or even tomorrow to get started again.
No matter what your “excuse” is, the most common being “I don’t have time”, those are simply what we just called them..
Wake up earlier, stay off social media, less time watching tv, prep your meals… these are just a few examples of ways to save time. I have another piece I’m working on that’s about saving time.
These are such simple habits that you could start right now, in fact one of them you’re doing now and didn’t even know it. If you implement these 3 simple habits and stay consistent, your fresh start will set you up for a more successful life of abundance.
3 Simple Habits to Success!

1. Sweat Everyday.

By sweating everyday I’m not even saying you have to be a gym rat. For those of you that are “too busy” it could be as easy as doing 100 push ups and 100 body squats before you hop in the shower. I like to say a minimum of 30 minutes of activity daily but we can start small.
2. Read More
Read more is a broad term. I personally read for knowledge not fiction, but I know most people read fiction to escape from reality for a bit. What I mean by reading more is to pick up a book or read an interesting article rather than turning on the t.v for background noise. Educate yourself instead of filling your brain with useless information.
3. Hustle Harder

Hustle harder means just about anything we want to do, someone is already doing it. The ones that have already succeeded at what you want to do are great models to build off of, but if you want the same results or better you need to work harder and smarter.

Apply these 3 simple habits to your daily life and I promise you will only get better.
What are you waiting for?
Start now… Chance To Inspire will be right here when you get back with more inspirational content coming daily.
Make sure to check back next week when we talk about clarity.

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