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The Time is NOW

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The Time Is Now

Written by: Chance Forman

NOW is your chance to inspire! Some of you have been following my story on social media pages, but for some this video might be the first of you ever hearing about me. A little history and the reason NOW is my chance to inspire others to live a better life.


My daughter Lillian suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury at birth as well as some other pre labor complications. The result left her a quadrapligic on a ventilator to breathe and almost 8 months in critical condition in 3 different hospitals in the Bay Area. We’re finally home and settling in just great. We were fortunate enough to have a savings and some assets to help us get by while we were unable to work and fighting for Lilly’s life.
Now that were home I have a lot of time to think and with the new life that my family has been given it had me asking myself a lot of questions. What was I working so hard for? What are my real goals in life? I knew what I wanted Lillian’s life to be like before she was ever born and that’s why I was working my ass off and taking the calculated risks to give her what I thought would be the “perfect” childhood. The bigger question I was forgetting to ask was, “Is this the life that I truly want to live?” Am I making an impact or a difference in the world like I always said I would as a kid?

After all these months in the hospital praying over Lillian, the sleepless nights and restless days, the peaks and valleys of her overcoming every medical obstacle known to man. Something really resignatated with me and that was all the people from family, friends, friends of friends, to complete strangers that sent their blessings, cards, presents, donated funds; all these people showed so much kindness. I realized that the world is not nearly as dark of a place as the media and the news lead us to believe.

IMG_5139The thoughts and prayers keep pouring in by the day. My heart is telling me that this is the way for me to give back. I was at an all time low after being home for a few weeks, fighting depression and gaining weight. I received an email to get a free book about changing my habits, so I said what the heck and ordered the book. Thank you Dean Graziosi because that book started the journey I’m beginning right NOW! Even if I only inspire one person a day for the rest of my life, then I’ve made an impact that defines a life worth living.

Watch my weekly videos, share my website and follow me on social media.

NOW is the start of a movement.

NOW is our chance to INSPIRE someone, anyone and everyone.

IF your interested in learning more about Lillian’s story stay tuned or you can check out her FB page Lillian Bijou.

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