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30 Questions To Help You Develop More Clarity For Your Life.

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Written by: Julie Forman

Do you ever find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of your daily life? I know I personally do. Take this article for instance. My husband and I have delegated responsibilities for Chance To Inspire’s blog. I write the blogs on health, fitness and parenting, while he write the blogs on business, personal development as well as weekly videos.

After staying up until 2 in the morning curating this article to repost on our blog, I told my husband that all he needed to do was write a little excerpt and it would be ready to post at 7 am. Upon awakening this morning, I went out to the living room to see what my husband had written and found him knee-deep in his journal finishing a homework assignment for his life coach.

Needless to say, I ended up adding the finishing touches to the article. Even in our own lives, we struggle to find clarity in our day to day activities. Sometimes we need to take 10 minutes to recenter ourselves, organize the chaos, and streamline it into our daily life.

Here are 30 Questions that can help guide you to a better understanding about what it is in your own life that can help you have a clearer vision. Spend some time in meditation as you work through these questions, and see what goals unfold before you.

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Gain Clarity on How You Want to Feel

I like to start with feelings, because feelings are what drive our actions, which will fuel our results. And feelings can be developed by our thoughts and our mindset. Feelings are powerful tools that can help us develop the life we want.

1. What is the emotion that you enjoy feeling the most?
2. What emotion helps you produce the best work?
3. What kind of feelings do you want to experience in the mornings to start your day?
4. What emotions are least helpful to you and cause you to make poor decisions?
5. What negative emotions do you find beneficial to experience at times (stress, fear, nervousness, guilt, anxiety, anger)?
6. How do you want to feel at the end of your day?
7. How do you want to feel toward the people in your key relationships (husband, kids, friends, boss)?
8. What emotions are you currently feeling on a regular basis that aren’t serving you?
9. How do you want to feel about the work you do?


Develop Clarity Over What you Want to Do

Next, we want to consider our journey. You can live your entire life without a plan and a vision for the future, simply wake up each day and react to whatever circumstances life decides to throw at you. Or you can choose to create a plan for life, to use the skills and the blessings God has given to you and make the most out of your circumstances. This takes vision and clarity, focus and effort, but the result is a life well lived. God calls us to be good stewards, not just of our money, but all of our resources, including each moment of our lives.

10. What do you want from your life?
11. What do you want to do with your kids before they are grown?
12. What things do you want your children to learn and experience?
13. What are you hoping to accomplish this year, in five years, in your lifetime?
14. What kind of lifestyle would you like to have?
15. What are the things that you want that you already have?
16. What dreams would you like to fulfill and when?
17. What new things would you like to learn?
18. How would you like to grow personally in the next few years?
19. How would you like to give and serve in the future?
20. What kinds of things would you like to get involved in?
21. What are some things you want to make sure you do every single day?
22. What would you like to experience with your kids on a regular basis?
23. Are you hoping to develop or grow a side business?
24. What are your career goals?
25.How would you like your relationship with your husband to grow?
26. Would you like to spend more time praying and studying the Word?
27. What people would you like to spend more time with?
28. What hobbies and self-care activities would you like to participate in?
29. Are there any habits that you would like to develop?
30. Why? for all of the questions.
Now take a minute and read through all of the things you have written down during this brainstorm and think back over the last few weeks. Are you on the right track? Are you regularly doing things that will lead you to the life you’re trying to aim for? Do you regularly experience the feelings and emotions you’d like to feel throughout your day? Will the things you are doing today lead to the plans you have for tomorrow? What should you stop doing so you can start doing something better? A great future is built by small everyday steps. If your actions are not pointing you in the direction of your dreams, then you should change course or change your dream.

After doing my own work to remember where it is I’m trying to go, I’ve recreated some systems and routines that fit better with the new schedules we have for this season of life. I’ve re-energized my focus by reminding myself of where I’m trying to go and why. I’ve pulled out some things that weren’t leading me to the life I want to live and added in somethings that will.

I start each day with a peaceful morning routine and a scheduled out to do list. I’ve put in place a whole lot of margin and empty space in my life to simply enjoy. We aren’t meant to fly through life at the speed of light. Each day is a gift to be enjoyed and used as an act of worship to our Maker.


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