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How To Use Breathing To Clear Your Mind

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Written by: Chance Forman

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with stress from work and home life? We’ve all been there before, but what did you do to gain clarity again?

Sometimes life can get so hectic definitely when something tragic happens to really rock the boat. Trust me I know that story all too well.
After my daughters birth injury life changed for my family. All the information with her condition was overwhelming at times and we had a lot of important decisions to make daily. I went from working around the clock to living in the NICU.
With the stress of not working, closing down businesses, losing friends, and fighting for my daughters life, my mind was very dark and cloudy. It was hard to put together clear thoughts or have conversations outside of Doctor talk. When it came to the decisions of Lillian (my daughter) I knew that I had to be at the top of my game.
I would go outside and do breathing exercises as often as I was able to sneak away. This was one of the key factors to my sanity. I might not of been operating at my highest level for anything else in life but I was laser focused on making the best decisions for Lillian’s
quality of life.
The fact that Lillian is mechanically ventilated to breathe only makes me that much more grateful to be able to breathe. Talking hospital talk on the regular and learning about CO2 levels being too high or too low had me finally in tune with how important our breathing truly is.
There are so many health benefits from deep breathing and variations of breathing exercises.
To list a few…

Releases Tension
When were feeling anxious, scared or stressed it constricts our muscles causing tension. By taking 5 to 10 minutes to really concentrate on taking some nice deep breaths you give your body the appropriate amount of oxygen to release tension and ease the mind.
Releases Toxins
70% of our bodies toxins are released through breathing including co2. Taking deep breaths every so often through out the day can help keep your body toxin free.
Enhances Clarity
By practicing different breathing exercises you are oxygenating the brain to help release anxiety levels. Take purposeful breaths to help relax the body bringing clarity and insights to the mind.

If you want to learn from a pro check out the book “Breathe” the simple, revolutionary 14-day program to improve your mental and physical health. written by: Dr. Belisa Vranich
Instagram @drbelisa
A great read with a lot of helpful tips and insights.


Breathing Exercise

Or if you’re like most people and you want instant gratification, I’ll share my simple exercise I’ve been doing for years in highly intense situations, like my daughters birth.
I prefer to be outside so I can breathe in fresh air, but I know that opportunity is not always there for us when we need it most. Either way this is simple and has saved my life a time or two at the least.
Relax your shoulder and neck raising your chest and take 10 deep and meaningful breaths. Now the trick is all you can think about is your breathing. Every time something interrupts your thoughts you have to restart your count back at 1. The key is that you have to take the 10 deep breaths in a row thinking of only your breaths and relaxing.
Sounds to simple to be true? Stop what your doing right now and try it. You can thank me later.

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