Lifting Up Lils

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Today is both a very exciting and emotional day in the Forman house. Our beautiful daughter Lillian Bijou turns 1 year old! With the celebration of the birthday also comes the painful reminder of her birth injury.

Although this last year has been nothing like we expected, we continue to feel extremely grateful to have Lillian with us today. She has taught us so much about ourselves. We’ve lost a lot of friends, lost a lot of money, but what we have lost in material possession we make up for in the gratitude we’ve gained.

To wake up every day and witness the miracle of Lillian’s life is a blessing in and of itself. Despite everything that she’s been through, she continues to smile and show the world that she is here to make a difference!

It was hard to go back and look through all the old photos from the beginning, but it has helped to show us how far she truly has come, and offers insight as to how far she is going to continue to go!

-The Forman Family-

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