Chance Forman

Hi, I’m Chance Forman. Also known as Chance To Inspire or “Lillian’s Dad”. As a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, full time medically trained dad and health and wealth mentor, my purpose is simple: To inspire people who have been knocked down due to life’s circumstances but still have the desire to make an impact in the world no matter what obstacle is in the way. I know this story well, because I’m living it!

I’ve known I was going to work for myself since my earliest memories. Growing up I idolized my Pawpaw, who owned a small business, but to me it was his empire. He taught me how to be the hardest worker in the room and how to hustle with the best of them. Never knowing exactly what I wanted to do lead me on a long expensive road of trial and error. Regardless, I never gave up and have managed to open a few successful businesses and am well on my way to building my empire, just like my pawpaw.

There was no silver spoon in my mouth when I was born or anything even close to it. My story is like most, I started from the bottom with a deep, rooted passion to make it to the top. I owned multiple small businesses, married the love of my life and was finally going to be a dad. To me that is the greatest accomplishment of them all. I wanted to build an empire that my kids and their kids could be proud of and that made a difference and gave back to the world.

Then in the blink of an eye everything changed. My wife Julie’s water broke 7 weeks early and during the delivery my daughter Lillian’s neck was broken. It was the most horrific event I’ve ever witnessed in my life, but I’m grateful to still have my wife and my daughter here with me today. Lillian is the only survivor in medical history to live through all the complications of her birth. Medical staff repeatedly reminded us of the option to let her go, but that wasn’t even an option for us.

Looking through the holes of the incubator I spoke to Lillian and asked her what she wanted us to do.

She popped that little right eye open and looked so deep inside of me and said, “Dad, I’m going to fight as hard and long as I can, but you have to promise me one thing… You and Mom have to fight with me.”

In that moment Chance To Inspire was born. Not the exact name or even the exact concept, but the meaning behind it all. That no matter how bad things seem, if we want it bad enough we have to be willing to fight for it. I had to give up everything I had worked so hard to build, from businesses, properties, homes, toys and even friends, to be able to stand next to Julie and fight for Lilly’s life.

Family is everything to me so I know that we made the right decision. From that decision, this feeling in my gut says I need to level up and take things to bigger heights than I was even chasing before. Taking my passion for entrepreneurship and building something that inspires others to live a more fulfilling life through personal development, health, and business.

So, this movement is about you. I want to show people victim to life circumstance, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, and anyone and everyone in between how to turn your problems into your solutions. This is a platform to share my story and feed you with valuable content for your self development, health, and business. Life is a long bumpy ride, but it is my mission to support and inspire you on your journey.

I believe in teamwork, hard work, knowledge, and overcoming fear and pessimistic thinking. With courage, commitment, and clarity anything is possible and my story is testament to that. This platform is designed to inspire you and give you the correct tools to live a more fulfilling, abundant life no matter what life’s circumstances are. I’m going to keep it as relatable and real as possible.

If you’re looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, then you’re in the right place. We all create our own destiny, I’m just here to help you find it. The offerings and content here are designed with you in mind, to help you live the life you know you were destined to live no matter what happened in the past. I’m here to help you grow and to make you smile.

Thank you for being here with me, I look forward to meeting.

If you would like to say hi shoot me a DM or tag me on IG, FB or Snap @chancetoinspire


Best wishes,